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Parents and carers

A Young Person’s Virtual School Officer can provide support and guidance to deal with problem and milestones at school including the following: -

Key stage assessments; behaviour and discipline; bullying; transitions; SEND code of practice and progression beyond KS4 


Ensure educational achievement is a priority within the lives of looked-after children nurturing a love of learning and inspire a love of reading.


As the child’s carer, it is important that you attend the PEP meeting, if there are unexpected circumstances which prevent you from attending you should request a copy of the minutes of the PEP meeting. 

  • At the PEP discuss the actions on the last PEP, you will be given a copy of the previous PEP, if actions have not been completed and if still relevant request they are included in the action plan
  • The child’s/young person’s voice is central to the PEP process, encourage your young person to participate so the meeting hears their voice and can follow up if needed  
  • Achievement and attainment data should be completed by the school before the meeting.  The main information you need to know is: - 
    • Is your young person making progress and how does this progress compare to young people in their age group
    • What are their exam or attainment targets, are they on track to meet these expectations
    • Ask when the next report or assessment point is and request a copy

Request you are told in advance of planned dates to help you plan and attend these important events.


Evidence shows that pupils who attend school regularly achieve good grades in the subjects they are studying. Those who frequently miss school or college fall behind in their work and do less well in examinations, which is a barrier to their prospects.

The Virtual School has high expectations of our looked-after children and encourages full attendance and punctuality. We expect carers to promote and support full attendance at school, and to avoid all absences unless essential. Carers should try to arrange appointments and meetings outside school time wherever possible.

The Virtual School does not support holidays in term time and carers requesting time off school to go on holiday will need the agreement of the Virtual School Headteacher.


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Last updated: 18 June 2018 | Last reviewed: 18 June 2018