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About us

The role of the Virtual School is to promote the educational achievements of children and young people from 0 to 25 years of age In the Care Wiltshire Council, achieve the best possible outcomes and are fully engaged as learners. 
It is the duty of the Local council as a corporate parent to:

  • Safeguard 
  • Promote the welfare
  • Promote educational achievement of children in its care

The Virtual School acts as a champion to promote and support the

  • Education
  • Training
  • Employment needs of these children and young people

We strive not only to provide them with the highest quality education but also to help them become

  • Happy
  • Successful
  • Fulfilled individuals

Although not a physical school the Virtual School aims to bring about improvements and promote the educational achievements of children and young people who are cared for by Wiltshire Council as if they were in a single school. Progress and achievements are closely tracked.  The Virtual School provides support to ensure interventions are targeted in a strategic way to improve and reach the best possible educational outcomes. It does not replace the mainstream school or education establishment attended but is an additional resource where professionals work cooperatively and collaboratively to benefit looked-after children and care leavers.

The role of the Virtual School is to promote the education of previously looked-after children through the provision of information and advice to their parents, educators and others who the VSH considers necessary.


Actions at each educational stage will impact on the next stage positive outcomes accumulate over time.  We aim to put strategies in place which link with each other forming a golden thread of support

  • Support the education progress of looked-after children of Wiltshire Council through supporting and challenging schools, carers and all relevant partners to ensure they achieve the best possible educational outcomes and life chances
  • Promote individual achievement and wellbeing by ensuring educational achievement is a priority within the lives of looked-after children 
  • Ensure our children and young people attend the best possible education establishments and are provided with the opportunities to progress and realise their individual potential. Making sure their education provision caters for their needs, supports their wellbeing and recognises their success
  • Track and monitor attendance, exclusions, progress and personal achievements
  • Implement and review Personal Education Plans (PEPs) to raise achievement
  • Work with schools to ensure Pupil Premium Plus is used effectively 
  • Looked-after children and their carers with advice, guidance on all aspects of education for looked-after children and young people
  • Support for intervention where it is needed to enable each young person to reach their full potential
  • Care leavers professional advice and guidance on education, training and employment
  • Advice and guidance on the education of previously looked-after children 
  • Training for designated teachers for looked-after children in schools
  • Training for foster carers 
  • Support with studies, future pathways and work experience opportunities
  • A designated Virtual School Officer for every looked-after child

The Virtual School Team

  • The Virtual School consists of:
  • Virtual School Head Teacher
  • Virtual School Officers
  • Virtual School Admin Manager
  • Admin staff

All work closely with Designated Teachers in schools.

  • Leads and manages the work of the Virtual School across Wiltshire
  • Ensures arrangements are in place to improve the educational experiences of the Authority’s looked-after children, including those placed out of authority
  • A vital part of this role is to promote high aspirations and achieve the best educational outcomes for the children it looks after as part of its Corporate Parenting role
  • To secure the best possible educational provision and outcomes for children and young people in care
  • To ensure the potential for every child and young person who is looked-after 
  • To formulate and oversee the education plan for young people in care and for care leavers
  • Ensures the virtual school runs smoothly
  • Provides a first point of contact for enquiries and administration support for the service

Recently established to ensure the Virtual School Head and Virtual School Officers work with all educational providers to fulfil their joint responsibilities to Children Looked After.  Maximising their attainment and achievement. The WVSGB will provide a strategic overview, act as a critical friend and ensure robust accountability processes are established. 

Ian Cooper- Chair of the Virtual School Governors
Kirstie Barter- Vice Chair
Nick Norgrove- Governor Lead for safeguarding.

If you would like to directly contact the Virtual School Governors please send an email to virtualschool@wiltshire.gov.uk
If you would prefer a reply by phone, please include your contact number.


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Last updated: 12 March 2019 | Last reviewed: 12 March 2019