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Missed bin collection

Please use the button below to let us know if our collection crew missed any of your bins.

If your collection is missed, report it online.

Leave your bins out. We can only return to pick up a missed collection if it is reported within 2 workings days after your usual collection day.

Before reporting a missed bin collection, check:

  • You put your bins, bag or box out on the correct day - see rubbish collection days.
  • You put them out by 7am on the collection day.
  • Your bins were placed out at the kerbside, or the collection point agreed with the council.
  • The bin lid was fully closed.
  • You used approved bins, bags or labels - see what bins should I have?
  • Your waste was separated into the correct bin, bag or box - see what bins should I have?


  • We can only return to pick up a missed collection if it is reported within 2 working days after your usual collection day.
  • You may report a missed collection by clicking the ‘Report/request a service' button below. If the waste collection vehicle has not yet completed the collections on your street, you will be advised of this and you may try again later.
  • Collection times may vary at short notice due to events such as roadworks or lorry breakdowns. If we are unable to access a road because it is blocked, please leave your bin out so we can collect it at a later time. We aim to revisit the road later on that day or if we still can't gain access we will try again the day after and over the course of several days if required. 
  • Bins, bags or boxes containing commercial or hazardous waste, or those too heavy to be safely moved, will not be collected.
  • We occasionally experience problems with emptying bins where the contents are compacted or frozen. Staff endeavour to shake the bins several times to try to release the contents, but some waste may remain in the bin. Unfortunately, we are unable to return to empty these bins and would ask that you release the contents before adding more waste to the bin.

If you need to report a missed collection please click here

Report/request a service

Need help putting your bin out?

If you find it difficult to put out your rubbish and recycling bins or bags, you can apply online for an assisted collection by calling us on 0300 456 0102.

Last updated: 2 June 2020 | Last reviewed: 2 June 2020