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Your recycling collections are changing

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Your recycling collection day may change in 2020.

You will be informed of any change to your collection dates in advance.


Yes. Your household waste, recycling, and garden waste (if you pay for garden waste collections) will continue to be collected fortnightly.


Once service changes have commenced, you will be able to put more materials into your blue lidded bin:

  • plastic bottles
  • plastic pots (including yoghurt), tubs (such as margarine, ice cream) and trays (from products such as fruit, meat, vegetables)
  • cardboard
  • food and drink cartons (for example soup, milk, fruit juice)
  • shredded paper (placed inside an envelope or cardboard box)
  • tins and cans
  • clean foil
  • empty aerosols
  • paper (including brown paper, newspapers, magazines, directories, catalogues, envelopes)

Empty, rinse and squash your recycling where possible and flatten cardboard boxes.

Black plastic and flower pots are not collected for recycling at the kerbside. However you can take these items to Household Recycling Centres. We do not currently recycle plastic film.

Black box

You can continue to put the following in your black box:

  • glass bottles and jars 
  • clean and dry textiles (for example clothes, paired shoes, curtains, sheets, blankets) bagged and tied
  • You will keep the same containers for your rubbish and recycling
  • You will still be able to recycle all of the items you currently can
  • We will still collect non-recyclable household waste
  • We will continue to collect garden waste and charge for this service
  • Your collections will remain fortnightly, although dates and times of recycling collections may change

No. We have designed the new services to use the same containers that you already have.

Please empty, wash and squash your recycling where possible, and flatten cardboard boxes to make room in your recycling bin. Remember to put lids back on squashed cartons and plastic bottles.

You will be able to order additional blue lidded bins nearer the time if, after you squash your bottles, cans and cartons and flatten your cardboard, you think your current recycling bin will not be big enough.

Register your interest for additional blue lidded bin recycling capacity via our form.


You may ask the council for additional containers for recycling. We may need to contact you or the person/company responsible for the building.


Yes, more information will become available via social media, website, leaflets and email before any changes are implemented.

All homes will receive a personalised letter detailing what, if any, changes there will be to collection days.


How to increase space in your bin

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Last updated: 24 December 2019 | Last reviewed: 24 December 2019