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Making an application

The video on this page gives homeowners some simple advice about building regulations and how to make a building regulation application to us.

Guidance on making a Building Control application

There are two main types of Building Control applications;

  • Full plans application
  • Building notice

Both application types can be made over the phone, by downloading our application form or online

Works may commence 48 hours after the application submission, however in the case of a full plans application it is advisable to allow at least 8 weeks prior to commencement of works.


A full plans application must include:

  • a site plan
  • proposed plans and elevations
  • building specification
  • in some cases structural calculations may also be required

The deposited information should provide enough detail to demonstrate compliance to the Building Regulations.

Our surveyors will check the information and plans thoroughly as well as carry out any necessary consultations, (for example fire and sewerage consultation).This also allows any potential issues to be identified before the works commence on site.

If the plans comply with the Building Regulations then a notice will be sent stating that the plans have been approved, this will be received within 6-8 weeks or less from the date when the plans were deposited.

If the plans do not comply with the Building Regulations then we may request amendments, further information or alternatively issue a conditional approval. 


A Building Notice application is generally a quicker process than a full plans application as there is no obligation to provide plans for checking or wait for a formal decision.

This type of application is most suitable for smaller works which need to be undertaken promptly as works are able to commence 48 hours after submitting the application.

There are however, cases where a building notice application cannot be used these include:

  • Works which are subject to section 1 of the Fire Precautions Act 1971
  • Works which are subject to Part II of the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997
  • Work which will be built close to or over rain water and foul drains shown on the 'map of sewers'
  • Work which results in a new building fronting onto a private street 

To submit a building notice application you should be confident that the work will be carried out to fully comply with the Building Regulations; otherwise there is a risk that corrective works may be requested.

In some cases structural calculations or design may be requested by the inspecting surveyor which must then be provided. 


Where works have been conducted without Building Regulations approval, a regularisation application will be required.

This is a retrospective application concerning previously unauthorised works which started on, or after the 11 November 1985.

Dependant on the type of work, exposure, removal and/or corrective works may be needed to show compliance with the Building Regulations.

It is advisable to contact our technical support team to discuss your individual circumstances and to determine whether a regularisation application is required.


The approval notice for a full plans application will remain valid for three years from the date of which the plans were deposited for checking, after which time if works have not commenced the approval will lapse and a new application will be required.

A building notice is valid for three years after the notice was given, after which time if works have not commenced the building notice will lapse and a new application will be required.


The fees for both types of application can be found on our fees page.

For regularisation applications it is recommended to contact our technical support team for advice on fees.


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Last updated: 29 January 2019 | Last reviewed: 29 January 2019