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Wasps are becoming an increasing problem; in 2018, our pest control team treated in excess of 1,500 wasp nests.

Wasps are about the same size as bees being about 1-2cm long, they have a narrow waist and bright yellow and black banding and the two pairs of wings are interlocking.

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  • Wasps will build a nest in various places; a new nest is formed in spring by the queen wasps that have been hibernating over winter
  • Nests are made from chewed wood mixed with the wasp's saliva and is usually a pale beige/grey
  • Nests can be up to 120cm wide and contain in the region of 5,000 to 10,000 wasps, although smaller nests can be found in restricted places
  • In early spring or during a mild winter, the larger queen wasps may be seen. These wasps can be destroyed using a domestic insecticide spray
  • An officer will visit your premises and assess the location of the wasps' nest
  • The officer will wear protective clothing and spray an insecticide directly into the wasps' nest
  • The insecticide can be harmful to pets and fish and must not be inhaled by humans, it is therefore important that it is sprayed professionally
  • There may be occasions if the wasp nest is accessible and cannot be accessed safely using our specialist equipment that we are unable to carry out a treatment, the office will then offer advice
  • We usually access the nest through the hole that you will see the wasps coming and going into
  • Once the insecticide is treated the wasps will become more active to try and defend the nest, it is advisable to keep all windows and doors closed until the activity subsides, this is usually within 24hours
  • If the nest appears to be still active after 7 days please contact us and we can re-treat free of charge
  • If you have more than one wasp nest we can treat both at the same time for a discounted rate, if you call us back for an additional nest this will be charged at the usual rate.
  • At the end of the treatment the officer will leave you a safety information sheet with contact details
  • In the unlikely event that the nest cannot be safely accessed the standard call out fee will be charged and additional payments will be refunded
  • We do not treat bees if we get called out to wasps that are actually bees a call out fee will still be charged.
  • Wasps are aggressive if disturbed and in late summer or early autumn can sting as they become affected by the fermented fruit. The sting of wasp can very painful and may cause swelling. Stings to the mouth, neck, face, or throat and in some cases a sting anywhere can cause a serve allergic reaction known as anaphylactic shock which can be fatal, in which case immediate medical attention must be sought
  • If the wasp nest is destroyed the wasps will become aggressive and attack, it is therefore advisable not to treat the wasp nests yourself
  • If you find an old nest, during the winter it will be empty and therefore can be safely removed
  • Wasps will never return to an old nest so it does not need to be removed unless it is unsightly
  • If you do want a nest removed following a wasp treatment, the pest control officer can remove the nest at the cost of our usual wasp treatment
  • It is difficult to completely protect your home against wasps
  • If you suspect you have a wasp nest, for example seeing regular activity around particular areas of your home or garden and maybe seeing wasps flying in and out of a particular hole, please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like it treated

What does it cost?

Concessionary Cost
Wasp treatment£68£42
Additional nest in same visit£15£10
Advisory visit
(no treatment needed)
Appointment cancelled
(on day of appointment or after midday the last working day before)
Missed appointment£40£40

Concessionary cost

The qualifying benefit that is accepted is for those receiving Council Tax Reduction (CTR), this discount does not include Single Persons Council Tax discount.

We reserve the right to check those claiming a discount to ensure they are currently in receipt of CTR.


Wasp treatment

£68 (if paid in advance)

£99 (if invoiced)

Multiple nest in same visit£16
Call out fee
(if no treatment necessary)
Appointment cancelled
(on day of appointment or after midday the last working day before)
Missed appointment£52


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Last updated: 2 April 2020 | Last reviewed: 2 April 2020