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Section 50 street works licence

Under the New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) a Section 50 licence allows a person without a statutory right, to place, retain and remove apparatus in the street, and to do work necessary for that purpose.  

Section 50 of, and Schedule 3, to NRSWA govern the licence system. The licensee is then effectively acting as a statutory undertaker and is governed by the obligations imposed under NRSWA, the Traffic Management Act (TMA) and other regulations.

Wiltshire Council must keep a record of all street works, and apparatus installed, under licences it has granted. Details of licences must be included in the Street Works Register.

The fees set out in the code should be included together with any bonds required.


Current fees

  • Repair to existing apparatus £225
  • Placing new apparatus £438

Please contact street works for all enquires on 01225 713497 or by emailing S50application@wiltshire.gov.uk   

Please note

  • Inspection fees £150 (as set out in the NRSWA code of practice) are included
  • Works in excess of 200m in length will be subject to an additional inspection fee
  • These prices are subject to change with inflation

To download the Section 50 application pack click here.


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Last updated: 5 May 2020 | Last reviewed: 5 May 2020