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Highway licences

Highway projection licence

Licences are required for any display that may protrude/project over a public highway.

The maximum depth that the display can protrude over the public footway is 1.05 metres (3 feet 6 inches), subject to 2.10 metre (7 feet) clear passageway between the edge of the display and the road (or any intervening pavement furniture such as a bollard or telephone box). We reserve the right, in exceptional circumstances, to allow a greater depth of display where the pavement is very wide, or a smaller depth of display where pedestrian footfall is very high.

Planning permission or advertisement consent is also likely to be required.

Please contact: developmentmanagement@wiltshire.gov.uk

Licences will normally be sought and granted as part of the planning process of some structures, however in some circumstances it may be applicable to grant a Highway Projection Licence separately.

Please contact:  bridges@wiltshire.gov.uk

The private apparatus may be temporary or permanent. Typical examples may be a private telephone cable which spans a street between buildings or a small canopy on a building. This type of licence is dealt with by us under Section 178 of the Highways Act 1980.

Private electrical cables over the highway such as Christmas illuminations will need be approved by Street Lighting.

Please contact:

 The owners of the apparatus must have, and maintain, Public Liability Insurance cover for £5 million. A Street Works Accredited Supervisor is required for all persons working on or over a public highway. Operatives should also be accredited where appropriate for their specific duties.


Trading on the highway

Trading from the highway is discouraged for safety reasons, but it is recognised that there can be situations where trading may be carried out in a safe manner, and may have benefits to the highway user.

Planning permission may be required and other legislation may be applicable.

Where trading from the highway is likely to have an adverse effect on safety or likely to cause a significant obstruction, the Council takes appropriate measures to keep the highway safe for road users.


Portable traffic signals

The application form to apply for a Portable traffic signals licence is available below.


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Last updated: 28 February 2020 | Last reviewed: 28 February 2020