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Computers FAQs


  • Wiltshire library members
  • Library members who are under 16 must have the permission of a parent/guardian and should ask staff for a form
  • Visitors to Wiltshire may use the system on production of adequate identification (e.g. passport, driving licence, ID card). A donation for use will be requested
  • All users are required to agree to the Acceptable Use Policy 
  • During the library opening hours
  • The last session ends ten minutes before the library closes
  • Use of the computers is free for members, visitors are invited to make a donation
  • You have to pay for any printouts
  • The charge is 10p per sheet for black and white and £1 per sheet for colour. Double sided printing counts as two sheets. Colour printing is only available in Chippenham and Salisbury
  • Find a free computer, check to see whether there is sufficient time before the next booking and, if there is, log in with your library card number and PIN. Agree to the Acceptable Use Policy by clicking on the Yes button
  • The time of the next booking is displayed in the top right hand corner of the screen
  • If a computer is not available, staff can tell you when the next one will be free
  • Pre-booked computers will show your name on the screen

We recommend that when using computers you should:

  • Take a 10-minute break in every hour 
  • Adjust your chair to a comfortable working height
  • Put any information to be copied on the side most comfortable to you
  • Allow yourself enough work space
  • Give yourself enough leg space
  • Adjust your monitor to avoid glare on the screen
  • Booking is advisable
  • You can book up to eight days in advance
  • You can book in person or by phone
  • Bookings will be held open for 10 minutes
  • If you arrive over 10 minutes late, you may find your session has been given to another user
  • If you are unable to keep your booking, please let us know so that we can re-allocate your session
  • All users are responsible for logging off, if they finish before the end of their session
  • The Internet, Microsoft Office and scanning software
  • Yes
  • The library uses filtering software to protect our customers and staff from any offence which might be caused by users accessing sites which contain content of the following types - pornography, drug abuse, intolerance and violence
  • The downloading of executable (exe) files is also barred
  • You must not watch commercially produced films, whether downloaded, purchased or hired
  • Sessions last for one hour (Standard) or 30 minutes (Drop-in)
  • It is possible to request a two or three hour session by asking a member of staff
  • You can have up to three hours per day, only one session can be on a drop-in computer and only two sessions can be on a computer connected to a scanner
  • Ensure that your personal files are saved at frequent intervals and that files are closed and storage devices safely removed before ending or interrupting your session
  • Files are only saved temporarily – when your session finishes these files are deleted
  • You can store your work on USB memory sticks
  • If using a USB device to save your work, please check that it works on the machine at the beginning of your session
  • Remove your USB memory stick, camera, MP3 player or other portable storage device before finishing your session or your data may be lost

Wiltshire Council accepts no liability for loss of any data caused through the use of personal storage devices or media in Wiltshire Libraries Online computers.

  • Your remaining time is shown at the bottom right hand corner of the screen
  • You will receive an on-screen warning 3 minutes before your session is due to end and a further warning 60 seconds before the session closes
  • The computer will then log off automatically deleting any files which are not saved on a removable disk
  • If you wish to finish your session early, you must click Start and choose Log off
  • If you are not sure how to do this, please ask a member of staff
  • Yes
  • All PCs are connected to a black and white printer 
  • Black and white prints can be made at a cost of 10p per sheet
  • Colour prints can be made at a cost of £1 per sheet at Chippenham and Salisbury libraries
  • Collect your prints from the library counter/desk
  • Your printing will be held on the system until the end of the day and will then be deleted
  • No
  • Any files that you download or create in your session are fully deleted from the computer at the end of your session
  • Yes
  • You can use any web based service such as gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo
  • There will be no formal training but library staff will try, wherever possible, to help
  • Staff may be able to advise you on where to obtain computer training
  • Yes it is
  • Yes
  • You can order goods and services on the Internet at your own risk
  • Wiltshire Council will not be liable in any way for any queries, complaints, loss, damage or any claim whatsoever arising from third party transactions
  • The computers use a broadband connection between our libraries and the Internet
  • The speed at which information is downloaded is beyond our control
  • We cannot guarantee that a particular site will be available
  • See the Conditions of use
  • If you breach these, including accessing obscene or offensive material, or attempt to hack into sites you are not authorised to access, your membership will be suspended and you may face prosecution
  • Wiltshire Council will record access to Internet sites
  • Any public access to of prohibited sites may be the subject of further action
  • If you deliberately tamper with the hardware, software, setup or security systems on the machine, your membership will be suspended
  • You must not watch live TV broadcasts on this computer
  • Also you must not watch commercially produced films, whether downloaded, purchased or hired
  • Library staff will be happy to give you basic help and support when using a computer
  • If you have never used a computer before or if you need more advanced help, you may need to attend a training course. Library staff may be able to direct you to an appropriate course in your area

Learning Curve run free Get Online courses for anyone over 19 and claiming work related benefits. For more information, contact Learning Curve on 01225 792500.


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