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Household waste

Use your bin to dispose of rubbish which cannot be recycled - such as plastic bags and plastic packaging.

You should only use your household waste bin to dispose of rubbish which cannot be recycled - such as plastic bags and food waste.

Your bin is collected fortnightly.  To make sure your rubbish is collected:

  • Put your bins out before 7am on your collection day
  • Put your bins at the edge of your property, at the kerbside, with the handle facing the road
  • Put your waste in securely tied bags inside your bin - we will not collect rubbish left next to your bin
  • Make sure your bin lid is closed. 
  • Take in your bin as soon as possible after collection
You should only use your household waste bin for any rubbish that can't be recycled in your Close
By using the kerbside recycling services, the standard refuse bin should be large enough for the waste produced by most families.
  • See everything that you can recycle at home
  • Here are some tips to reduce the amount of waste that is being produced
  • If you are recycling all that you can and still have difficulty fitting all of your waste in your bin, we can assess if you need a larger or additional one
  • In some cases we will carry out a waste audit before approving your request. All households with a larger bin will have an annual review (which may include a waste audit)
  • We will not provide a larger bin if you create more waste due to keeping pets
  • Please go to the forms menu and complete the 'Request a larger bin/container' in the 'Need Help With Your Bins' section. Click here to go to the forms menu.
  • All waste should be bagged before it is put in your bin. We recommend that anything that may cause smells should be double-bagged (e.g. nappies, food waste, etc.)
  • To avoid flies and maggots make sure the bin lid is securely shut and store your bins out of direct sunlight in hot weather if possible
  • We also recommend you regularly clean your bins using bleach
  • Our standard household waste bins are black 180 litre containers
  • Bins previously issued by former district councils may vary in size and colour
  • All new containers delivered will be of the council’s standard size

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Last updated: 7 November 2019 | Last reviewed: 7 November 2019