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Household recycling centres

Find out about what you can take to recycling centres.

Following the government guidance on staying at home, all household recycling centres are now closed until further notice.

Trips to the recycling centres are not essential. Read the government guidance: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/full-guidance-on-staying-at-home-and-away-from-others

This temporary suspension will remain under review and we'll work to re-open these facilities as soon as is it reasonable to do so. Residents are reminded not to dump waste fly-tipping is illegal. Neither should householders use an unlicensed waste carrier to collect and dispose of their waste during this period of service suspension. Where possible, please store the waste you would want to take to the household recycling centre until such time as the sites reopen. For more information about licensed waste carriers, see: https://environment.data.gov.uk/public-register/view/search-waste-carriers-brokers

Our waste and recycling collection services are currently operating as normal.

You can check your local centre hours by clicking on the site tile.

Don't forget, we promote a charity reuse scheme. If you have large items of furniture, white goods such as fridges, freezers and washing machines, or other electrical appliances to dispose of there are local charities that may be able to re-use your items.

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Last updated: 24 March 2020 | Last reviewed: 24 March 2020