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Unauthorised camping

The council owns parcels of land in exactly the same way as any other private landowner and in its capacity as local Highway Authority has responsibility for use of the highways.
The Council has a legal duty to... "assert and protect the rights of the public to the use and enjoyment of any highway for which they are the highway authority". (s.130, Highways Act 1980).

We try to achieve two primary objectives when responding to reports of unauthorised camping, in accordance with an adopted Policy Statement:

  • To balance the rights and needs of resident communities with those of Gypsies and Travellers.
  • To manage unauthorised encampments in an efficient and effective way, ensuring that the Council's response is fair and proportionate and takes account of the level of nuisance, fear and intimidation for local residents and the rights and responsibilities of Gypsies and Travellers
  • View the Policy Statement in the download section

Please use the My Wiltshire online form to report any unauthorised camping incidents occurring upon public land owned by the council, or on the public highway.

It should be noted that "The council will not normally take action in respect of encampments on private land" as stated in its adopted Policy Statement.

The council has no powers for immediate removal of a traveller encampment and will deal with the report on the next working day. Outside office hours if an encampment is causing specific problems, especially in regard to highway safety, then you should call the Police on 101.

You may contact the council to discuss the matter via the telephone or email address.


Officers representing the various departments of the council regularly exchange information about Gypsy and Traveller issues in accordance with an Inter-Departmental Protocol.

Some of this information is subject to regulation by the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.
The Protocol should be read in the context of an attached Disclosure Statement.

  • View the Inter-Departmental Protocol in the download section

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