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Energy efficiency in Wiltshire

Consuming energy at our current rate is unsustainable, carbon emissions are speeding up climate change, resources are becoming rarer and energy markets more volatile. It is highly likely that the cost of energy and fuel will continue to rise.

Energy efficiency is one of the stages of reducing our overall energy consumption and can be applied to our homes, businesses, schools and transport systems.

See how together we could help you improve your energy efficiency.


Under the Home Energy Conservation Act 1995, Local Authorities are required to produce a HECA progress report on energy efficiency measures which they consider practicable, cost-effective and likely to result in significant improvement in the energy efficiency of residential accommodation in its area, every two years.

In response to the HECA, we have prepared a HECA report detailing measures which can be applied to homes in the county.

Improving the energy efficiency of properties reduces carbon emissions, enables affordable warmth, reduces the risk of fuel poverty and improves the condition of the housing stock.
You can view more information in the Wiltshire Council HECA report and the HECA progress report in the download section.


Due to changes in Government policy on July 23, 2015, there is no longer Green Deal funding available for customers.
For more information, please contact the Energy Saving Trust as detailed below.


There are many opportunities for a business to achieve better use of resources and energy.
To keep up to date with what the council is doing to support businesses, you can sign up to a regular newsletter from the Economic Development and Planning with the council by contacting econdev@wiltshire.gov.uk

We will add new information on a regular basis so please visit regularly so you do not miss an opportunity.


As part of a larger partnership, we’ve helped establish a supported installer group, with a focus on local capacity building, and integration of sustainable energy technologies with mainstream building trades. This is intended to support the local economy and local jobs within Wiltshire. The Local Installer Network will enable information and experience to be passed quickly and allow skill gaps and training needs to be identified. The network will also give smaller businesses the opportunity to impact the supply chain through potential bulk purchase schemes and help with accreditation.

You can find our more details on the Link to energy leaflet in the download section.

If you’re a business that wants to sign up you can visit the installer/supplier registration page.


Downloads and useful information

HECA report PDF (177kb)

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Last updated: 16 May 2019 | Last reviewed: 16 May 2019