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Learners' voice

"The impact on families is demonstrated in more shared smiles and increased confidence to communicate with us at school, as well as a willingness to support their children.  closest to our hearts are the significant barriers that many parents have begun to de-construct themselves, bringing their families closer to success in education by stepping over the school threshold willingly and confidently, with a smile and greeting."

Jenny Hinder, Special need co-ordinator
St. Martin's school, Salisbury

  • ”I am amazed by my achievement; I didn’t think I’d ever get any qualifications.”
  • “I’ve gained so much confidence that I’m now keen to apply for work.”
  • ‘It’s been so worthwhile to get back to learning and have my daughter looked after too!’
  • “I’m now self-employed and certain that the confidence I gained from getting my English qualification led to me having my own dog walking business.” 
  • “Was great refreshing my maths.”
  • “I enjoyed learning and bettering myself.”
  • “Making new friends was great and the nice quiet learning environment.”
  • “Learning percentage, range, all that maths stuff - very helpful.

  • “I had a really good tutor - she has helped me improve so much.”
  • “I met new people, made friends, learned about new things and discussions . I liked lots of things.”
  • “I liked the way I was able to take my time with my learning.”
  • “Most of my colleagues are English, so I can learn with them as well and it helps my listening.”

  • “Enjoy to meet and learn together with many different people from different country.”
  • “Enjoyed learning English, meeting new people, enjoyed doing the group work and enjoyed sharing our experience.”
  • “I have enjoyed every minute on this course.”
  • “I enjoyed this class with my tutor. She always speaks clearly and makes it easy for me to understand.”
  • ‘I found out about more family learning courses, really useful!’
  • ‘I enjoyed sharing making a beanstalk with my son’
  • ‘I met the Parent Support Adviser. We took a wooden spoon puppet home!’‘……and it was great fun!’ 
  • “It helped me to learn what I can do more with my child.”
  • “Lots of information and sharing of tips that were really useful!”

If you have 5 GCSEs grades A to C (5 O Levels) this course may not be suitable for you. Please contact us if you require further details; we’d love to hear from you

Employed or Unemployed

Resident in the UK or EU for 3 years

Aged 19 or over (contact us regarding exceptions)

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Last updated: 28 July 2017 | Last reviewed: 28 July 2017