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The Wiltshire Family and Community Learning Governors play an important part in ensuring:

  • Accountability
  • Evaluating performance
  • Raising the standards

of the Family and Community Learning (FCL) service. They monitor the services and activities provided for local people and make collective decisions on matters such as the policies and development of the FCL service.

Drawn from the local community, the governors are all volunteers who are appointed for their relevant skills and experience. They include:

  • Councillors from Wiltshire Council
  • Learners
  • Staff
  • Representatives from schools and children’s centres in Wiltshire
  • Jackie Tuckett (Chair), Interim Head of Employment and Skills
  • Helean Hughes, Director of Education and Skills
  • Cllr. Philip Whalley, Portfolio holder for Education and Skills
  • Catherine Holland, Family and Community Learning Support Officer
  • Lucy-Anne Bryant, Lead commissioner and Troubled Families Co-ordinator
  • Lynn Evans, CEO, The Rise trust
  • Rebecca Carson, Head Teacher, Woodford Valley School
  • Star Painter, Learner governor
  • Christina Alder, Learner governor

The board will consider:

  • Challenge and advise to ensure that the service aligns with the vision and strategic objectives of the Council’s Business plan
  • Determine how the FCL service programmes of learning encompass the wider needs of the targeted learner groups whilst ensuring numeracy, literacy and ICT are embedded throughout the curriculum
  • Determine how the FCL service secures community engagement and how this is reflected in strategic decision-making
  • Seek reassurance that learner feedback and the learner voice is acted upon and that learners are aware that they have influenced change and how this translates into daily practice
  • Scrutinise, advise and approve strategic and financial planning decisions related to the Family and Community Learning programme and ESFA funding
  • Be fully cognisant of the FCL service’s most recent Ofsted inspection report and any recommendations contained in it
  • Approve the annual Self-Assessment report and the annual Quality Improvement plan. 
  • Determine how equality and diversity issues are foregrounded in the work of the Family and Community Learning Team
  • Scrutinise effective local partnerships to bring together and consult with key providers and relevant local agencies and services
  • Ensure the FCL service works alongside individuals, groups and communities, developing joint plans and evaluating success together
  • Ensure the provison of FCL programmes in identified high priority areas of need
  • Ensure that all learners have access to high quality provision and achieve well 
  • Monitor performance and retention of learners
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Last updated: 20 December 2018 | Last reviewed: 20 December 2018