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Keep safe

Barnardo's has produced some keep safe tips as part of its Real Love Rocks work with schools. 

  1. Stick with mates a similar age to you a good mate won't ask you to do stuff you're uncomfortable with
  2. If you feel you can't say no, ask yourself: ‘Am I in a safe situation?'
  3. If someone offers you something for free, ask what they want in return
  4. Listen to your body;  a fast, pounding heartbeat and churning stomach are signs you feel unsafe
  5. Be careful what personal details including photos you give out online, by phone, or in real life
  6. Make sure you know where you are going and how to get home. Have credit and charge on your phone
  7. Make sure someone you trust always knows where you are
  8. Drinking and taking drugs can make you unaware of unsafe situations and you can become a target for people who may hurt you

Think very carefully before going to a house party, hotel or leaving a pub or club with someone you have just met. If in doubt, don't go!

Plan your journey to and from home. If you get a taxi or minicab, make sure it's licensed. Don't accept lifts from someone who has taken drugs or had too much to drink.

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Last updated: 25 January 2018 | Last reviewed: 25 January 2018