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Children's rights service

Does the following apply to you, or anyone you know who is aged over seven? 

  • 'Looked After' (in public care).
  • Left care, up to the age of 21, or 24 if in full-time education.
  • Making or thinking about making a complaint (about the social care or youth offending services).
  • Subject to child protection plans.
  • Disabled.

If the answer is yes, the Wiltshire Children's Advocacy service may be able to:

  • Help you express your views and wishes to ensure they have been heard and taken into account by people who make decisions that affect you.
  • Help you to understand the decisions that have been made about you.
  • Speak on your behalf if you are unhappy about the way you are being treated by social services or you are worried about plans being made, such as a move.
  • Accompany you at meetings and reviews.
  • Help you to understand your rights.

County Community Projects (CCP) only get involved if you, or a young person you know, want them to. Contact CCP if you think they can help you, or if you think the service can help a young person you know. But make sure you have the young person's consent to contact CCP on their behalf.

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Last updated: 15 June 2017 | Last reviewed: 15 June 2017