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FACT Consensus Agreement Signed

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15 March 2019

The FACT Executive Board has signed off a consensus agreement which can be viewed under the useful documents section of this page.

The agreement sets out how the local authority, police and health services will work together within the FACT Programme to improve outcomes for children, young people and families.

MASH and Early Support Update

FACT New Trans

Dear Colleagues

We are verypleased to announce that today (5th March 2019) as part of theFamilies and Children's Transformation Programme we will be formally launchingour new way of working with enquiries and referrals into our MASH.  Overthe last few months our partnership FACT Front Doors & Local Pathways Groupand MASH colleagues have been looking at how the 70% of calls and emails thatdo not need a social worker assessment but do require support from early helpservices are dealt with. Our new pathway for contacts is shown below and isbased on a Blue-Red-Amber-Green or "BRAG" - rating system.  A new FastFilter swiftly sorts out those contacts that are either clearly (Red) orpossibly (Amber) safeguarding concerns from those that are definitely not butneed early help (Green) or are have come to the wrong place (Blue) and channelsthem to the right place for further action:

The new EarlySupport Hub function sits alongside the MASH (with staff working across both onrotation) and expands our support offer for those people contacting us foradvice and guidance on what to do for a child in need of help and theirfamily.  The partnership is also pleased to say that joining the EarlySupport Hub from the 5th of March will be colleagues from Children'sCentres which will further develop our multi-agency early support offer for ouryoungest children.  Our Early Support Hub team is following the "A-B-C"model of working which has also been endorsed by our partners:

This means thatwith every contact we will always offer our best advice and guidance, we'llalways ensure the right person or team is put in place to provide leadprofessional support if needed and we'll smoothly transfer calls to ourpartners at the point of contact so callers reach who they need quickly withoutdelay. 

Our highlyregarded MASH and it's processes remain unchanged including around theapplication of safeguarding thresholds which remains with social workers withcontinued management oversight.  There is also no change to contactdetails so all colleagues should continue to use the existing MASH phone andemail details as they do now. 

Please sharethis communication widely with your colleagues.

This is asignificant step forward, building on the success of our MASH and thedevelopment of our partners front doors - ensuring that all Wiltshire familiesthrive.


Terence Herbert

Chair of the FACT Board and

Corporate Director Children and Education

A Partnership Approach to Supporting Young People live in their Families and Communities Workstream

FACT New Trans


Dear all

As you know there are a number of workstreams within ourFACT programme.  I wanted to write and update you on the progress of theFACT Workstream I've been leading on, A Partnership Approach to supportingyoung people live in their families and communities.

Following much positive progress on the projects within thisworkstream, the FACT Board have agreed to its revision.  The workstream isnow termed ‘Multi Professional Early Support' and encompasses all of thelearning from projects in the previous workstream; honing the transformationpriorities moving forward.  Sonja Leith (Head of Crime Prevention,Wiltshire Police) is joint workstream lead with myself, with Andrea Brazier(Young People's Service Manager, Wiltshire Council) remaining as deputy. 

Below is an update of the project progress within theprevious workstream and projects within the new workstream.  If you haveany questions about the previous projects or new ones, please do get in touch. 

New Workstream - ‘Multi Professional Early Support'


  1. Front Doors and Local Pathways (existing project moved in from another workstream) Project leads are Tamsin Stone and Jen Salter
  2. Integrated Earliest Support in Communities (new project) Project lead is Heather Lovelock with a joint lead to be identified from a partner agency
  3. Early Support Roadshows (new task and finish group) Project leads are Ashleigh Doyle and Michelle Morris
  4. Partner access to our integrated case management system (Liquid Logic) cuts across all above projects

Review of Workstream A Partnership Approach tosupporting young people live in their families and communities' projects:

Stable Housing Options review:

This project has ended as the learning will move into a newproject ‘Integrated Earliest Support in Communities' within the revisedworkstream. 

Integrated Mental Health Services:

This project is still functioning and is led by Children'sCommissioner Judy Edwards.  This groups work is partially business asusual (BAU) but has transformational elements.  The group now sits withinthe ‘whole life offer' workstream led by Claire Edgar and Lucy Townsend. 

Emergency Duty Service review:

This project is now BAU under Jen Salter as the responsibleHead of Service, no longer a distinct project within FACT.  The review iscoming to its conclusion with proposals due to effected staff in April2019. 

YOT and Emerald Team functions review:

This project has achieved its initial objective and theproposal for a new Young People's team has been signed off by the FACT board,and is no longer a distinct project within FACT.  The implementation ofthe new team will be overseen via the relevant Heads of Service (Deborah Barlowand Jen Salter) in conjunction with relevant partner agencies.  AndreaBrazier remains the project lead and is the responsible Service Manager forboth existing teams and the new proposed team.

No Wrong Door model and ASP functions review:

This project has achieved its objective and the proposal toimplement a No Wrong Door team has been signed off by the FACT board, and is nolonger a distinct project within FACT.  The aim is to launch the outreachaspect of the service on 01 April.

LIFT (High Frequency Contacts):

This project has brought excellent learning into FACT andthe wider Wiltshire partnership which complements and supports our insightsfrom other projects.  Further discussions are being held with the LIFTstrategic group (chaired by Chris McMullin and John Rogers) about the bringingthis into the new project ‘Integrated Earliest Support in Communities'.  

Family Led Review of Child Protection Interventions:

This projects work continues.  Aspects of the learningwill transfer into the new Young People's Team, as well as the ‘IntegratedEarliest Support in Communities' project.  There is also learning thatwill aid the BAU review of the Conference and Reviewing Service (CRS). 

Impact monitoring of projects will take place as requiredvia the FACT Operational Board as well as the usual BAU performance monitoringchannels. 

Kind regards

Jen Salter

No Wrong Door


The new and innovative 'No Wrong Door' model aims to provide ‘wraparound' support and care for young people who are at risk of coming into Local Authority Care or who have recently left Local Authority Care but are considered especially vulnerable. The service will operate on the understanding that "it takes a village to raise a child", by tapping into the young person's extended support network including grandparents, siblings, close family friends and neighbours anyone who has previously helped in a time of crisis or could be support to do so in the future.


Our vision is to work proactively with vulnerable young people and their support networks so that residential stays are not necessary. Where they occur, we want them to be as short as possible and used to plan effectively with a multi-agency team.

This is an exciting piece of multi-agency work that will have a real impact on the lives of adolescents and their families in Wiltshire.

The Families and Children's Transformation Board have produced this short film to describe core changes that affect all those delivering early support to vulnerable children and families in Wiltshire. Please take a moment to watch, share and discuss in your team meetings.

FACT Partnership Strategy Co-production event

FACT Event Corn Exchange 28092018

More than 100 people came together in September to generate ideas supporting the development of a long term partnership strategy to improve outcomes for children and families. The event was attended by a great mix of partners, parents, carers, groups and charities which created excellent networking opportunities across the partnership.

FACT Event - Corn Exchange - 28092018 (64 of 111) (1)

There was an external speaker from the WAVE Trust whose focus is on reducing child maltreatment by 70% by 2030, and groups engaged in a ‘world café' style activity to discuss and develop ideas across the following priority areas:
  • ‘Whole life' service
  • Improving Outcomes for Young People
  • Getting the best start in life
  • Integrated working
  • Prevention and early intervention
FACT Event - Corn Exchange - 28092018 (80 of 111) (1)

The families and carers attending the day were an important part as they shared their own experiences and partners worked together to develop ideas for improving services for families in the future. Workshops were well received and there was a huge amount of positive engagement and ideas that are now being collated to develop an action plan.

Healthy Me Programme

Healthy Me Cover

Healthy Me

Healthy Me is a free 10-week family healthy lifestyle programme for 7 11 year olds and their families. The 10-week programme encourages smallpositive lifestyle changes to become healthier, and reach and maintain ahealthy weight. This is a very popular programme that is having great success.For further detail visit Healthy Me

Get Wiltshire Walking

Wiltshire Walking 1

Get Wiltshire Walking

Get Wiltshire Walking" is a Public Health funded project which aims to ensure every community within the county has access to a FREE weekly led walk. Walking is the lowest risk of all physical activities yet produces massive benefits to physical fitness and mental wellbeing. This is a great way to explore your own local area and can be a really excellent way to make new friends and learn more about your immediate community.

Currently there are 26 weekly led walks in 18 locations throughout the county, there is no limit to the number of walks you may attend. Each walk has its regular starting venue on the same day and time every week. We try to vary the routes each week.

  • Strider walks are almost continuous and last between 60 and 90 minutes across variable terrain and may contain some gradients.
  • Stroller walks last between 45 -60 minutes with regular pauses and are on variable terrain.
  • Starter Walks last around 30 minutes and are on flat stable terrain with frequent pauses.

After the walk many groups have coffee and chat together. Providing you are independently mobile and able to meet the physical demands of the walk everyone is welcome Unfortunately we cannot permit dogs on the walk.

More information 

Wiltshire Information Sharing Charter

WiSC Hero Image 7


Assists in the lawful and integrated sharing of information between partner organisations for the residents of Wiltshire. 

The WiSC will establish consistent and robust protocols and becoming a partner member gives reassurance that each partner is working by the same process. WiSC aims to provide the foundation for the sharing of personal information between partner members in the public, private or voluntary sector organisations.

The WiSC is accompanied by a Personal Information Sharing Agreement (PISA) which is a standard sharing agreement which details the reasoning, legal basis frequency and signed authorisation by those parties undertaking to share data.

Any organisation signed up to the charter is provided with access to a toolkit of documents to assist information sharing within their organisation and across partner organisations.

More information 


Feb 2019 PDF (670kb)
Nov 2018 PDF (635kb)
Oct 2018 PDF (614kb)
Sep 2018 PDF (563kb)
July 2018 PDF (691kb)
June 2018 PDF (151kb)
May 2018 PDF (242kb)
Mar 2018 PDF (351kb)
Jan 2018 PDF (3.1mb)
Dec 2017 PDF (239kb)
Nov 2017 PDF (124kb)
Oct 2017 PDF (123kb)
Sep 2017 PDF (322kb)

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