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2017 Big Pledge Challenge

5 June to 30 July 2017

Big Pledge - London calling logo

The 2017 Big Pledge London Calling challenge has now finished

Congratulations to the over 12,000 participants who stepped up to their challenge this year!

We hoped you enjoyed setting yourself the challenge and collecting as many of the countries taking part in this year's World Athletics Championships as you could.

The total distance travelled this year was phenomenal 511,124 kilometres, that is equivalent to going over 12 times around the world!

70% of participants achieved a bronze, sliver or gold in their challenge - a 38% increase on 2016. And 58% of participants collected all 30 countries to acheive gold! - a 9% increase on 2016.

Thank you to everyone who took part!

If you have any questions please contact bigpledge@wiltshire.gov.uk

Big Pledge 2016 - Road to Rio 

To celebrate the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics, Wiltshire Council's Big Pledge - Road to Rio invited local residents to get involved in an activity challenge and improve their health and wellbeing. Between 4 June and 29 July 2016, more than 18,000 local people took part. 

In total, participants ran, walked, swam or cycled 779,742km (484,509 miles to the moon and back!) over eight weeks. The challenge gave them the motivation to get moving and the chance to see what a difference physical activity can have.

Big Pledge reports

2016 report PDF (362kb)

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Thank you to our brilliant Challenge champions!

I had been living with Type 2 Diabetes for many years. I signed for last year’s Big Pledge as a member of the BCRS team to try to lose the weight I had gained over the last two years because of my illness. During the challenge I walked and swam, which was hard at first but I gradually got in to it and started to enjoy it. So much so that even though the Big Pledge had finished I carried on. Before last year’s challenge I could only swim about a length now swim 50 lengths twice a week. Plus I take my grandchildren swimming every weekend. I have signed up for Swim 22 for Diabetes England to swim the equivalent of swimming the English Channel! I now walk during my lunchtimes and go to the gym three times a week and I have joined a local kayak club. I feel fantastic and have lost most of the weight I had put on and I am undertaking a review to reduce my diabetes medication.


I did the cycling challenge last year with my dad. We were both new to cycling so it was great to go out for rides and to get fitter together. We loved it so much that after the Big Pledge was over we went on a cycling holiday in France! I had a great time doing the Big Pledge last year and have discovered an activity I really enjoy doing. I have continued to cycle and will be getting a new bike ready to take on the 2017 Big Pledge Cycling Challenge!


I have suffered from arthrogryposis since birth; it is a rare condition which severely affects my movement so I have very restricted movement in my arms. I am always looking for something to maintain my fitness and challenge myself so the 2016 Big Pledge was perfect. Even though I have swum since I was eight years old I knew that the 2016 Swimming Challenge would test my limits. As soon as the challenge started, I got stuck in and focused on getting in the kilometers and reached Gold 50km in the eight weeks! It was a real sense of achievement. Since the Road to Rio I have gone on to complete a 5km swim. This year I will be signing up for the Sports Challenge to help me focus on my training for the Superheroes Triathlon I will be doing in August! I am delighted to see that the Ability Sports challenge has been added for 2017 so that other people with a disability can have the chance to get involved and challenge themselves!


All the members of our B-Fit Bootcamp sessions in Tidworth and Bulford signed up as a team in 2016 with us focusing on trying to walk the 9000 + kilometres to Rio! The challenge really built team spirit amongst the women and we had a fantastic time. We even added a social walk at the weekend in addition to our weekly sessions. We also organised a weekend to walk up Ben Nevis and Scafell to complete our challenge!  We are really looking forward to taking part again as a team. We are also pleased that a Beginners Challenge has been added this year, as this will be a fantastic opportunity for our newest members who have not been active before to get involved. Interested in joining B-Fit bootcamp


The Big Pledge is so easy to enter with a simple online form. Then once the challenge starts it is great to have an online distance record where to can log all your distances and keep a check on your progress over the eight weeks. It also includes some fun facts and health tips! While I was already fairly fit and active before the challenge, I surprised myself with how competitive and the challenge really encouraged me to increase my activity. I work from home which can sometimes be isolated so being part of a team allowed me to interact with my team mates. This year I plan to sign up for Sports Challenge and can't wait to get started.


The Big Pledge Challenge has been selected for British Athletics Team Personal Best programme for inspirational events linked to the Athletics World Champions!  Find out more about the progamme and the other events

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