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The Covenant Fund

The Government has committed £10m a year to fund projects that support the aims and ambitions of the Armed Forces Covenant, and you can apply for some of these funds if your project meets one of the four priorities for 2016-17:

  1. Veterans' gateway
  2. Families in stress
  3. Improving local covenant delivery
  4. Community integration / local service delivery

Find out more information on how to apply.

If you or your organisation would like to apply under priority 4, you must first get the endorsement of your localcovenant partnership. In Wiltshire, you can contact the partnership at corporatebusinesssupport@wiltshire.gov.uk

We will then work with you to develop your application and ensure it meets local need, as well as fulfilling the criteria. You will be asked to submit a summary of your project that will then be discussed by the Wiltshire Local Partnership before agreeing whether or not to endorse your bid.

Under this priority, we will fund projects that respond to the local needs of the armed forces community and improve recognition of the Armed Forces Covenant. These will:

  • Help integrate Armed Forces and civilian communities across the UK; and/or
  • Deliver valuable local services to the armed forces community.

Projects must either:

Create strong local links between the armed forces community (current and former members of the armed forces and their families) and civilian communities and be able to clearly demonstrate how they will have impact in overcoming barriers to better integration; and improving perceptions, attitudes and understanding.


Offer financial, housing, mental and physical health, employability or social support for serving armed forces personnel, veterans and their families. Projects must be well connected, both to their beneficiaries and to other relevant organisations, and be able to demonstrate how the services they provide will be well publicised, accessible and joined up.

The next deadline for priority applications is 2 November 2016.

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Last updated: 5 July 2016 | Last reviewed: 5 July 2016